DSC00743 V XXK
Vocals – Vinny started singing Doo Wop as far back as 1960. Singing on the street corners in Brooklyn with four other friends, like so many other neighborhoods’ did at the time. He likes to do both lead vocals and background harmonies.

His first band back in 1972 had him playing drums while singing both lead and sometimes background vocals. Then the band decided to have his vocal expertise as full time front man and lead singer. Which keeps’ the vocals tight and upfront. His knowledge of vocals and harmony still amazes all at the shows they perform.

Vinny still loves the music that he grew up with many years ago on the streets of Brooklyn.

DSC00738 G XXK
George Lead – Rhythm Guitar – Vocals – With his army of Fender guitars and amps, he puts his heart into his leads and vocals. A long life resident of Queens, NY. George cites Buddy Holley, The Ventures and Dick Dale as his main influences.


Joe D
Drums and Vocals – The never ending drive to the bands beat. And has a great bass vocal voice. Joe started playing drums when he was 12 years old. He played drums for a group in Florida for 4 years. Joe returned back to New York in 1971 and played in a country band known as Road House for 7 years.


DSC00746 XXK

Joey B West Hempstead, NY.  Bass Guitar, Harmonica, Vocal, recording and sound man. Joe grew up in Richmond Hill Queens, NY. Joe started out playing Saxophone in 1962 as a member of his grade school orchestra and sang in the choir/chorus. He played in his High School orchestra and also their Jazz and Dance Band (thank you Mr. Ray Guilliam). He also started learning acoustic guitar in 1964. He started playing Saxophone in a 4 piece band in 1964, but due to the British Invasion, the band wanted another guitar or bass player. So he stepped up to the plate and started playing bass on his acoustic guitar. But the band broke up shortly do to egos of two band members.  

In 1965 Joe played saxophone and Bass Guitar, with his first gigging band The Valiants (later renamed The Probe in 1967).  Joe would also occasionally fill in for his friend’s bands that would need a Bass or rhythm Guitar player. Then in early 1968, joined the Chain Reacations, of GlendaleNY. Which changed their name to The Incident in April of 68.  The Incident recorded a 3 song demo at Ultra Sonic Recording Studio in Hempstead Long Island. Two original songs and one cover song in June of 1968. One of their original songs Candy Cake had air time on the radio in 1970.  

Joe enjoyed performing out on stage and the battle of the bands, church’s, clubs, proms and private parties. They played venues with The Drifters and The Critters. Also brief encounters with the local bands in the 5 boroughs’ and Long Island, of which some of those members made it big and still are today. In 1970 Joe was drafted in to the Army. On returning home he attempted to get bands together but do to non commitment of other members, disco and DJ’s and family commitments. It was few and far between over the years.

In the summer of 2010 Joe invited his friends band “The Satellites” over to his house to record a few songs on a demo for them. In the fall they asked Joe if he wanted to sit in playing rhythm guitar at some of The Satellites practices. Which, he enjoyed. In 2011 the bands bass player had just found a job after being laid off since the summer of 2010. The band had a few gigs set up for February and March, but the bass player had to work nights and weekends at his job. The band asked if Joe would play the bass for the next few gigs. Which, he gladly said yes. He stayed on playing bass since the original bass player still had to work nights and weekends and the band also played and practiced on weekends.


DSC00736 S XXK

Steve Rhythm and Lead Guitar and Vocals – Steve is the newest member in The Satellites’ line up.  With his really fine assortment of Gibson guitars, he complements our lead guitarist by adding a strong rhythm and can switch over to a lead break to add to our sound.